Resume skills

Possibly the most important resume skills or CV skills to have are:

  • the ability to reflect on your qualities, skills and experience that make you the best person for the job;
  • the ability to then put those things in writing in a form that is professional and that draws the reader’s attention to the most important features.

The resume letter allows you more freedom to highlight your strengths than you have when writing your resume or CV. Here you can find more information how to write a resume letter. Sample resumes and CVs, in their most basic form, list your work experience and education in backwards chronological order followed by your skills and other achievements. However perhaps your experience or education that is most relevant to the job is not your most recent. Or perhaps you do not have any relevant experience or education in the particular area in which case you want the employer to focus on your skills. In such cases the format of sample resumes may mean that the points you wish to highlight are not listed first. So how can you draw your reader’s attention to your strengths? One way is to tell them in your resume letter.

Student resume

A student resume obviously will include very little if any work experience and is therefore the perfect example of a resume in which your skills and personal qualities should take center stage. When pondering the question of how to write a student resume, you should think about all of the activities that you have taken part in and the skills and abilities that you have developed through such activities and how such skills and abilities can be applied to the job requirements.

High school student resume

Resume skillsThe student resume format differs from a standard resume format in that it becomes more relevant include your academic track record, any work experience including volunteer work and activities in which you have taken part which show leadership or teamwork skills such as sporting activities or club membership. The resume letter to accompany a high school student resume is extremely important as it must convince the reader that, whilst you possibly don’t have as much experience as another applicant, your personal skills and abilities make you much better suited to the job and your motivation to succeed in the role is stronger than any other applicant’s.