How to put together your resume

Planning on creating one of your first resumes but you are stuck on what to do? I remember when I turned 18 and was looking for a job. My mother said I need to create a resume but I really didn’t have any resume creation tips or ideas that I could use. Back then, people couldn’t always rely on the Internet to look this up. She helped me create one by letting me copy hers. Except this resume was in my own words. I only copied the same format she had on her resume which helped a lot.

Creating a resume usually takes three steps

And the first one starts with writing everything out in a Word editor on your computer. Make sure you get the right dates for previous jobs you’ve worked at. They will need that information listed on the resume. Be sure to include a number along with the name of the company. You can also add a description of your duties just beneath this. At the top of the page, all of your contact details should be listed there – including the phone number.

How to put together your resumeResume formats

I would suggest going online and looking over the resume samples they have. Choose a format that you like. When you put everything together, it should be in a 13 or 14 pt font. The majority of people who work in the hiring department are over thirty and their eyes might not be as good as they used to be.

When you are ready to print out your resume, send a copy to your e-mail so that way you’ll always have it. Also, put it on a flash drive so that way you’ll never lose your resume. Be sure to print out at least ten copies to have on hand. You never know who you’ll run into outside. Refrain from decorating your resume in stickers. Some people do this and it’s not such a great way to find a job quickly.

Put together

Do you want to impress a potential employer with your resume? If so, you’ll need to learn how to put together your resume. You want it to look fabulous and stand out from many of the other resumes. By doing this, you will become noticed instead of struggling to get attention. There is a technique to put together a great resume. It has to do with your play in words, the appearance, and even the type of paper you use. All of these things count when furnishing a resume.

Here is a guide on how to create your resume:

  • First off, decide on what type of paper you want to use. Instead of using regular print paper, use matte paper. This will look a lot more professional. Also, matte paper is much thicker and whoever is in charge of hiring will notice the difference in this paper from the rest. Don’t go overboard though – there is no need to laminate it or anything like that.
  • Type up your resume on the computer. If you want to put together your resume in such a way that allows you to stand out, use creative phrases and words. Go ahead and look up word alternatives to words such as goal, experience, etc. This will get the employers attention quickly. Actually, there have been a few studies on this, suggesting that the response rate increased by 30% which was amazing.
  • Look up some resume format examples. Choose something that stands out and is very easy to read. With hundreds of stacks of resumes, an employer will only read the ones that aren’t hard on the eyes. Be sure to use bold fonts, headings, and also indent paragraphs. Separate everything as much as possible so all of the text isn’t jumbled together. It’s best to use a 12pt font which is not too big or not too small, although you could always increase the size slightly if you wanted for the resume.