Job interview tips

Job interview tipsTo make it feel less daunting

When you start thinking about getting your next job it’s usually been a while since you wrote a resume or went for a job interview. It all feels somewhat daunting. How should you prepare yourself? What is your prospective employer really looking for? Putting yourself out there can often take courage. Whether we like it or not you’re being judged! Communicating the right messages about you probably won’t come that easily. The job interview process is rather artificial in nature and you’ll probably need to learn how to best articulate what you can really offer.

Learn how to navigate the recruitment landscape

There whole recruitment process can be a minefield and you’re going to need to know how to navigate your way through this challenging landscape. Some basic job interview tips are touched on below and will be covered in greater detail on the pages of this website.

The job search

Firstly, there is the job search, which is harder to get right than you might initially think. It’s tempting to apply for a very wide array of jobs. But that’s a big mistake. Sounds a little counter-intuitive? Well not really when you think of how much energy it takes to get a job. And for reasons we’ll going into elsewhere, it’s essential that the ‘fit’ is right – so you can ensure what you’re ‘selling’ is what they are ‘buying’. You can’t do that properly if your search goes to wide.

A showcase resume

Then there is the making sure you have a resume that will help you stand out for all the right reasons. As you will see, a standard resume won’t cut it. You’ll be the same as the other 200 applicants. What you need is a value-based approach that employers will find innately beneficial, showing them that you can solve their points of pain. You need a resume that will get you an interview.

Letter of application

Your letter of application (not to be confused with the cover letter) is also an art form in itself. Once you understand what the employer is looking for and what you truly have to offer, it’s all about the putting it down under the right structure.

Job interview tips to promote your value

People buy people

Once you’ve cracked the application, it’s going to be all about selling YOU. ‘People buy people’ as the saying goes. Our job interview tips will come into their own at this stage of the process, helping you to define who you are and how to articulate your message throughout the interview. Job interview questions come in many guises and different types of answers are valid depending upon the context. Ultimately success lies in preparation and practice. As ‘club member’, you can really help others by adding your own examples and job interview tips.

Seventy percent of what we say is non-verbal

Of course, much of what we say is said without words. The problem is we often don’t know quite what we’ve said with our body language. There is definitely a way to carry yourself and lots of little things you can do (or not do as the case may be) to maximize your impact.

Job interview attire

In addition to body language, there is the all-important interview attire. Job interview tips for succeeding in this aspect are reasonably straight forward but subtle nuances and industry norms can complicate things. We’ve got a whole section on what to wear (and what not to wear).