Graduate Career Advice For Freshers

75% of the fresh graduates have problems with making a decision on what to do after finishing college or university courses. It is not easy to offer them advice, due to the fact that every situation is unique in its details. But there are facts which are known and which have solutions. For example, the number one issue graduates confront themselves with is how to use the degree they have earned after so many years of study. Fresher’s can find help in many places, including the college career office which is destined to help them apply their degree and specialization to the job which better suits their profile.

Here are some graduate career advice guidelines which can be easily applied to any fresher’s job search process:

Go for smart career choices! Always do the required research on the job you intend to apply for. Don’t just apply for something just because you think you have no chances for something else! Ask for help, talk to people who had the experience of the job search, such as teachers, parents and even the college career office members.

Talk to as many as possible in order to gather as much information as possible about the domain you are considering. Make sure you take job search and career building seriously because your future depends on it.

Don’t go for the multinational organizations from the very first step. It is tempting, of course, but these companies are receiving hundreds of resumes each day and you can imagine the road your CV has to go on before it even gets read. So try, for starters, to apply to companies which do not have more than 100 employees because it will be easier for you to land an interview sooner than you may expect.

Use more than one job searches techniques. And don’t get stuck in the traditional ones either. It is true that the internet and the job search engines are the most commonly used means of finding jobs, but the safest way is actually networking. So talk to as many people as possible (friends, relatives, other people in the same career field) and let them know you are searching for a job.

Send your resume to the right person. Don’t just send your CV to any general human resource addresses. Try to make it reach the Hiring Manager of a company/organization himself because he is the appropriate person to judge whether you are suitable for the job or not.

Make no silly mistakes! Proofread your resume of spelling and grammar mistakes before sending it because if there’s one thing the employers don’t like, that’s a person who doesn’t bother taking five minutes to correct herself. If you don’t care, why should they?

Get ready for the interview. You’d be surprised at how fast the feed-back from an employer may come. They make quick decisions, especially if they’re in immediate need of employees. So be prepared for an interview, focus on each question you are being asked and never forget about the proper interview etiquette.

Be picky! It is true the primary goal is to find a job, but don’t accept ANY job. Be particular about the one you choose, make your own selection. You have your initial career goals, see if the job matches those objectives, if not, continue searching.

We hope these simple but effective graduate career advice will enable you to land yourself a great job in the career field you have prepared yourself for.